CHUNK'S PAGE CHUNK'S PAGE 166471141 166471792 166471142 166471143 166472046 166471144 Chunk loved to dig in the sand and roll and roll and roll in it. Chunk loved to dig in the sand and roll and roll and roll in it. He wasn't usually a digger except at the beach, which my backyard probably appreciated. 166471145 166471146 166471147 10 years old 10 years old 166327381 12 years old 166327380 166398609 166327379 166327895 166344947 166332007 Chunk on his 13th birthday! Chunk was very sick when he was 11 and I never thought he'd see his 12th birthday, but here he is on his 13th birthday. Yay! 166328266 166327894 Happy 14th Birthday! 166330414 Happy 14th Birthday! Unfortunately, shortly after this picture Chunk started a fast downward trend. He really tried to stay ahead of it, but age had finally caught up to him. 166330415 166330413 166330416 14 years old and stilll on guard. 14 years old and stilll on guard. 166331906 166322043 166322039 166408357 166408358 Last pictures with my boy 9/21/12 166408359 166408360 166408364 166408362 166408361 166322041 The "Magic Moment" One of the last pictures of my boy taken two days before saying goodbye to him forever. Towards the end Chunk wasn't always clear about what was going on, or what he was doing. He had a canine version of dementia. I got this picture when I let him outside and went back in to get my camera. When I went back outside he started coming towards me and was completely aware and looked totally in the here and now. He knew exactly where he was and what was going on. I'm so glad I got the picture! 166322040 Impending separation Impending separation. This picture is very overexposed but I decided it actually turned out perfect. It looks almost ghostly and I see it as a visual of the process of letting go. Both of us having to move on in separate ways; away from each other and away from this life. 166598278 Rest in peace Chunk, rest in peace One of the finest gentlemen I knew for 14 1/2 years. Chunk, you will be missed. Rest in peace Chunk, rest in peace my old friend. April 16, 1998 - September 24, 2012 166408363