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Basic Obedience Program 

* Heel   

* Sit   

* Sit Stay   

* Formal Recall

* Come When Called    

* Down   

* Down Stay  

* Optional "Pick-A-Trick" (just for fun)

   Choose from Sit Up, Roll Over, Crawl,        Bow, Back up, or Shake Hands


* This program includes the Behavior Modification Program at no additional charge.

* Training may begin with puppies as young as 8 weeks. 
No dog is ever "too old" to get started on training.

Additional commands may be taught depending on a specific need of the  dog or               a specific need of the owner.

Length of Program:  6 - 8 weeks (there is no additional charge if we go a bilonger)

Price for the Basic Obedience Program:  $400

* Multiple dogs signed up at the same time:  First dog $400, additional dogs $200 each

Payments Accepted:  Yes

* Credit Cards:  No longer accepted; cash or check only



Crate Training                  Housebreaking

Collar & lead breaking   Mouthing

Jumping on people         Begging for food

Jumping on furniture     Stealing

Pulling on the leash        Digging

Submissive urination     Excessive barking

Barging out the door      Drop it

Separation anxiety          Leave it

Resource guarding         Go to your place

                          And more           This program is included at no extra charge when you sign up for the Basic Obedience      Program. 

Length of Program:  1 - 3 weeks
Price for the Behavior Modification Program without obedience program:  $200

* Multiple dogs signed up at the same time:  First dog $200, additional dogs $100 each

Payments Accepted:  Yes

* Credit Cards:  No longer accepted; cash or check only

*** A one time behavior consultation (includs one follow-up visit if needed)$100 


* Refinement of the commands learned      in the Basic Obedience Program 
* Gain more distance on stationary           commands 
* Transition into working off lead

* Sudden Sits and Downs

* Moving, "off the heel" sits

* Moving, "off the heel" downs   * Separation of hand and voice signals    for the commands Heel, Sit, Stay,                                                                                                Come, and Down                                         

* Your dog must go through, or have gone through and passed, a Basic Obedience                Program before signing up for the Advanced Obedience Program.

* Advanced Obedience does not include the Behavior Modification Program.

* Length of Program:  4 - 6 weeks

* Price for the Advanced Obedience Program:  $275

* Multiple dogs signed up at the same time:  First dog $275, additional dogs $137.50

*  Payments accepted:  Yes

*  Credit Cards:  No longer accepted; cash or check only                                      


*  Evaluation of your dog

* Techniques for manual stacking a dog in the show ring 

* Techniques for free stacking a dog in the show ring

* Techniques for showing a dogs bite to the judge  

* Proper use of bait in the show ring 

* Gait patterns used in the show ring

* Determine the proper speed for your particular dog 

* What to wear and what not to wear in the show ring
* What to do and what not to do while in the show ring

* How to calculate points won at a dog show 

*  End the confusion on how a dog show works



* Length of Program:  4 - 6 weeks 

* Price for the Conformation Handling Program:  $200

* Multiple dogs signed up at the same time:  First dog $200, additional dogs $100

*  Payments accepted:  Yes

* Credit Cards:  No longer accepted; cash or chedk only


"You gave me the insight and skills that improved the communication between my dog and I and saved a relationship I had thought was beyond saving.  Thanks to you we are now a great team."  D. Acton


"Chris, you're a bottomless pit of patience!"  M. Wright


"We were told by another trainer that our dog was "untrainable".  Thanks to your gentle, fair, and firm when needed, approach to training, our dog is now a welcome member of our family."  K.  Morris


"Thank you for giving me (and my dog) the confidence to take those first steps into the show ring and for teaching me to teach my dog how to behave and look her best.  It's been a lot of fun for both of us."  A. Saenz


"I swear you can solve just about any problem.  You turned my problem dogs into angels and taught me and my show dogs how to look great and do our best in the show ring.  I greatly appreciate your help and honesty."      W. Harris


"I'm so glad I didn't follow through with taking my dog to the shelter and instead turned around and called you!  I'm  thankful for all your help and patience!"       S. Lawrence 

“We want to thank you for the wonderful training you did for us and our dog.  We're so pleased that you were recommended to us.  In our eyes your style of training is outstanding and we are deeply grateful.   A true lifesaver!”  K.  Lashonse


"We started out with another trainer, but after 4 lessons we'd still gotten absolutely nowhere so we decided to call someone  Your common sense approach to training and discipline was a perfect match for our dogs and we're so happy with their progress.  Thank you so much for your help.        D. Cary


"My wild Tasmanian Devil dog has turned into a lady! Awesome!!"  S. Lipsett