THE NOSEY NEIGHBORS THE NOSEY NEIGHBORS Little moocher The Raccoons come every night and finish of the crumbs Rosie leaves behind. Sometimes they bring the kids, who are sooooo darn cute; they look like kittens. 166411559 166411556 "Whad'er you look'n at?" "Whad'er you look'n at?" 166411557 166411558 166411685 166473891 166473892 166474034 166474029 166474030 166474031 166474032 See the two babies? See the two babies? Every year mama deer hides her new fawns in our arena. These fawn are two days old. When she hides them in the pasture we have to be careful that we don't accidentally step on a baby! I hope the horses are careful. 167466859 There they are! There they are! 167466860 Mm, mm, good! Mm, mm, good! 167466861 166414544 The new babies These little guys are right outside of our riding arena. After we drag the arena the mom hides her fawns between the rows. and are about a week old. 166414263 166414543 This guy hangs out in the field down the street. This guy hangs out in the field down the street. 166474026 166474027 Gotta watch it when you drive into the driveway at my mother-in-laws Gotta watch it when you drive into the driveway at my mother-in-laws. 166474028 Somebody big was following us on one of our trail rides. Somebody big was following us on one of our trail rides. 166474033 166475883 167843531 My very own Happy Halloween picture My very own Happy Halloween picture 166474025 The Odd Couple An interspecies couple..... a wild turkey paling around with a peacock 166977791 Something you don't see every day. Something you don't see every day. I saw this strange sight on my way to work with a dog, a yellow lab that lives down the street from this one. 167575091 Keeping watch Keeping watch. I did stop by out of curiosity to ask how she gets on the roof and the guy said he puts a ladder up for her and up she goes. 167575092 Wolf in Yellowstone The first Wolf I saw in Yellowstone! He's in the center going over the mountain. Anyone who knows me knows wolves are "my animal". Seeing my first wild wolf, I was sooooo out'ta my mind happy!!!! The opportunity to see wolves in the wild was the main reason we took our daughter to Yellowstone several years ago. We not only saw them at a distance, we had to stop to let a couple to cross the road in front of our car. The highlight of our trip was when we got to see wolves hunting an elk. The next day we saw them hiding chunks of meat and then watched them taking their pups out to the "dinner table". Needless to say, for me it was THE trip of a lifetime!!! Sadly, the wolves we saw, all from the Druid pack, the largest pack in Yellowstone, are gone and are known dead, have joined other packs, or are missing. New packs are filling the gap left by the magnificent Druids. I look forward to going back someday to see the wolves again. 167466858 Coyote in Yellowstone Coyote in Yellowstone. This little lady was hoping for a handout, which she didn't get from us. I had to talk to the people in front of us about why they shouldn't have given her the potato chips we saw them put out the window for her. I got some GREAT pictures of her but can't find them. They're somewhere with the wolf pictures I took....that I can't find either. And I had some great close-ups, too :-( 167466862 Christmas Time 2013 188987266 Christmas Time 2013 188987267